I can help you manage all your health insurance claims, have multiple insueres with out of network bnefits.

Some quick money saving tips:

  • Always use in-network providers (or for Medicare patients, use Medicare Participating Providers who accept "assignment") when you can, this really does save you money; because you're not being "balanced billed"
  • Understand the "allowed" amount. The insurer bases their payment of a claim off of this amount, not the billed amount.
I'm a Patient Advocate and a Claims Assistance Professional. There are many serivces that I provide that ultimately help you, the patient, focus on your health and not on fixing your problems with your insurer. 
It's no secret that health insurance is complicated, difficult to navigate and downright tedious to work with. I will help you resolve the problems your having with your plan, whether it's through your employer, an individual plan, or Medicare. I will only advocate for you, the patient. I don't ever work for the insurance company or the medical provider, so I will make sure that you receive the maximum benefits from your insurance plan. This will help you save money, not have to deal with paperwork hassles and have peace of mind.