I come from an arts and education background and have evolved my career into becoming an advocate for people in understanding their insurance and how to navigate it’s complicated system. I started on this journey as I’ve been fortunate to have worked as an assistant to a CAP named Wendy Segal for more than 20 years. She taught me the ins and outs of Medicare, the nuances of individual and group health insurance, and how to manage and track claims for the client to maximize their benefits and save them money. I started to work on my own since 2015 and my practice has continued to focus on helping the patient find resolution with their health insurance issues.
I have clients that range from people with individual insurance plans to seniors with Medicare or retiree benefits. I understand that all plans are NOT created equal and that everyone has a unique situation when it comes to needing my serivces to navigate their health plan.  I will advocate for you or your loved one and take the burden off of dealing with health insurance so that you can focus on your health.